Project Pony: #3

Meet Bubbles and Seashell.

I didn’t get these two at the same time, but I believe it was one after the other — Bubbles up there on the left (as if you couldn’t guess by her rump) came first, followed by Seashell, who I think arrived in my Easter basket one year. My mother rocked.

These ponies always seemed so cute to me, because they were sitting down all beseechingly and had the white diamond on their faces. Every horse I ever drew at that age — and there were a LOT; later on, in my fifth grade class, we had to create a comic strip and mine was about a horse named Garfunkel, and for the record, it was AWFUL, because I can’t draw or write jokes — had either a white diamond or a white strip down its nose.

But as my pony collection expanded and I started deciding to pair them off romantically, I gender-changed one of these ponies so they could be a couple. I can’t remember which one, but I believe I made Bubbles the doddering old stallion and Seashell was the mare. And yes, I also made them old-fogey horses, which is totally unfair and probably stemmed from how they were sitting down, because CLEARLY, only OLD THINGS sit down all the time. So they became the sages of the neighborhood.

It occurs to me that in all this time I played with My Little Pony toys, I never actually NAMED the neighborhood. What an oversight.

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