Yesterday, as I pulled out my iPhone to snap a picture of the dudes playing basketball, Liam stopped in his tracks and ran over to me, patted my back pocket (where I keep it), and said, “Put back. Put back.” When I slid my phone into the pocket, he nodded at me, satisfied, and then handed me a basketball, which to him is like handing gold to a poor man. I was being rewarded.

I remember a time, a little over ten years ago, when I didn’t even own a cell phone. In fact, I was the only tech reporter in Austin who didn’t have a pager, a Palm, or a mobile, and I didn’t even have a computer — my old PowerMac from college, a thing that is no longer a thing, was boxed up — until I’d lived there for several months and realized I could probably afford a laptop. (Which was a Compaq. Which is also a thing that is no longer a thing.)

And now, I’m so chained to my smartphone that my two-year old recognizes that it could compete for my attention, and — when he isn’t walking up to me and asking where my phone is, because he wants to play with it – essentially reprimands me for it. Kind of makes me realize I should pick up Goodnight Moon more than Words With Friends. Then again, they never like to finish an entire book in tangible form, so maybe I need an app for that.

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3 responses to “PUT BACK

  1. MY two year old could say Mummy’s Kindle before Curious George, so I feel the guilt there. He also regularly tells me to “put your stuff away” when I have the laptop, kindle or phone out.

    It’s a fine line, being connected to the world and disconnected from your kids, and we all walk it, some with more success than others. The fact you put the phone in your pocket means you’re on the right side of it. I’ve seen plenty of parents at the playground who wouldn’t have.

  2. I love that you shared this story. I’m a stepmother to a wonderful little girl and cannot fathom wrangling two kids. Survival is all I ever hope for and if no one cries (her OR me) then I count it a huge success. :) Congrats on a job well done!

  3. Sigh. I meant to put my comment on your “Two Days of Mothering” post.