We had a pretty decent run of health toward the end of last year, which must be why I’ve spent most of the past month sick with three different colds, or allergy attacks, or whatever poison it is that’s crawled up my sinuses and laid its devil eggs.

Sick before Christmas. Sick after Christmas. Sick before the Golden Globes. If I’m burning off all my illness in one week, I can deal; if this is a nasty chain that takes me through Fashion Week to the Oscars, I might go insane. My nose is red. My nightstand looks like an F in origami class. I can’t sleep. And I have one of those really sore zits brewing on my cheek, although that has nothing to do with my disease. Unless it’s a mini-buboe, and this is the plague. You never know. But I’m sick of that stuffy, wet-eyed inability to do anything. This is where people go broke shopping online, I think. I don’t have the energy to do actual thinking, but if I’m on my computer I feel like I’m accomplishing something, and what could be better than ordering a bunch of shit I don’t need that won’t fit?

So I need to close the laptop, is what I’m saying. Maybe a crappy movie is on to distract me. Pray for Crossroads.

4 responses to “Sickie

  1. I’m sick toooo. This is untenable. I can be on my computer and comment on blogs, but not do any real writing of my own. I can be exhausted but then stare mindlessly at TV without napping. Even stupid BCS Championship games aren’t putting me to sleep. I curse life.

  2. Me too! I made it through New Year’s okay, but since then I’ve been a mess – AND I have a kidney stone on top of my cold, which is just the hideous icing on the horrible cake.

    My own ideal “fall right asleep” marathon is Law and Order, because…well, come on, they’re all pretty much the same, right? Fortunately, Netflix is there for me, streaming eight seasons of Original Flavor, nine of CI and twelve of SVU. I can hear the to my heart’s content!

  3. My husband has the same mystery cold that won’t die. He thought he had a sinus infection, but the doctor told him it wasn’t (then said to call back on Thursday if he was still sick and she’d write him a script for antibiotics. The hell? Either he has it or he doesn’t) and every day it’s one step forward, two back. Doesn’t help we have a two year old who’s favorite game is play with whichever parent feels like death and ignore the well one.

  4. Feel so much better! I got a cold in late September, went away two weeks later but the cough lasted until the week before Thanksgiving wherein I got another cold, that lasted two weeks, and then the week before Christmas I got my third cold and completely lost my voice for 6 days. My sanity at that point was a mere memory :)